Ali'ikai [ah lee 'ee kai]

Queen of the Sea

Ali'ikai means queen of the sea. Which is appropriate and fitting for this girl who you will always find exploring her island home of Maui in the water and out.... but always with a camera.

An accomplished and celebrated photographer, received her first camera at the age of five and has been in love with the art of photography ever since. She started studying photography in school the first chance she had at the age of 11  continuing all the way through high school and went on to college to master the artform in Los Angeles, where she completed the entire art program as well as the award winning photography program. During her tenure in the program she was taken under the wing of the department head and program creator and was worked twice as hard and held to much higher standards (thanks in part to his fondness for her habit of talking back to authority figures) but it paid off!

Ali'ikai then found herself working as a commercial photographer being paid to shoot everything from album covers, high fashion magazine spreads, advertisement work, food, product, automotive, and also architectual photography alongside of her favorites of portraiture, live music and event photography, and ultimately fine art.

She has sold out shows, the first being at the age of 18. And has been selected to hang in prestigious shows and venues the world over, and her work has repeatedly won awards.

Now after a brief hiatus,  she is ready to share her work with the world once again, Which is exactly why she started this long journey in the first place....

"To show everyone the world through my eyes."

Come along Ali'iikai's journey, there's never a dull moment. And as she always says.... "Life is definitely about the journey, not the destination.... make it a good one!"